Shubert Theater - under the marquee

The sign hanging from the marquee looks very inviting. If we hurry, we can still make this evening's 8:30 pm performance. This photo was taken in late 58, and if you notice, the upper right hand poster is announcing that "My Fair Lady" is coming to the end of its Chicago run. On February 9 it will be opening at the Riviera Theater in Detroit, Michigan.

Today, the theater lobby seems very congested, and is difficult to move around during intermission and following the performance. One of the reasons is that a bar area has been set up in the lobby that takes up space both for the facility and its patrons. Back in the old days, and visible in this photo, the Majestic Bar next door to the theater took in the overflow and gave people a nice after-theater gathering place.

There are actually three areas that make up the lobby complex. The entire area is very economical in its use of limited space. The lobby immediately inside the front door is where the box office is located. Moving through the inner doors, you are in the main lobby with staircases to the lower level restrooms on either side. There is also a staircase leading to the balcony areas as well as an elevator for easier access. Moving beyond the main lobby, you are in the hallway that gives access to the auditorium doors. On either end is a staircase that leads up to the mezzanine and boxes.

The stage door is located in the alley directly to the right of this photo. There are always "fans" hanging around the stage door waiting for stars to leave the theater for the evening. When Forest Tucker was starring in "The Music Man", he would be dressed in cape and all, making grand entrances and exits around each performance.

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