Randolph Street looking east

Looking east on Randolph Street, one can see the rich mixture of theaters and restaurants that once made up the Chicago Theater District. Taken under the marquee of the old Sherman House, directly up on the left is the Garrick and Woods Theaters. Across the street can be seen the marquee of the United Artists Theater. Along the south side of the street are Henrici's, one of Chicago's oldest and finest Restaurants, and the Hoe Sai Gai, a noted and popular Oriental restaurant. Another restaurant is seen at the corner, right across from the United Artists. Rounding out the street are the Sunny Italy and the Randolph Rendevous Restaurants and lounges.

Nothing in this photograph remains. The new Chicago City Hall took the entire block on the south side of Randolph, tearing down Henrici's, Hoe Sai Gai, along with a significant slice of Chicago's downtown history. The Sherman House, a hotel that dated from its original building in 1837, was eventually demolished to make way for the State of Illinois Building, now called the "James R. Thompson Center". The site of the old Garrick and Woods Theaters is now the home of the Goodman Theater Complex.

Follow this link for A full history of the Sherman House .

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