Welcome to Okinawa 1964-65

As an enlisted man in the United States Air Force, I was transferred to the Island of Okinawa in the summer of 1964. As a Computer Technician, I was assigned to the Cryptographic unit stationed at Kadena Air Force Base, Just outside of Koza, Okinawa. I served there until my discharge in December of 1965.

You won't learn much about the Air Force on this site, as my "real life" on Okinawa revolved around the activities that absorbed my free time. The following are sets of photographs taken of Bito Ju-Gako (Junior High School), a Girl's Orphanage where I volunteered time, The Annual Oban Festival, and general views of Okinawa, it's scenery, and its cities.

For the record, I was the Chair of the American Volunteer Teacher's Association assigned to Bito Jr. High School. I taught an average of three classes a week and co-ordinated the schedules of several other American Volunteers who were willing to help teach English pronounciation. The Americans would work alongside native Okinawan Teachers.

General Photos of Okinawa, its city streets and scenery.
Bito Jr. High School Color Photos.
Bito Jr. High School B&W Photos
Bito Ju Gaku Teacher's Dinner
An Annual event where the Junior High Teachers gathered for good food, fellowship and entertainment.
Oban Festival
Girl's Orphanage
Leper ColonyEpiscopal Mission to treat Hansen's Disease
Naha Open Market What the G.I.'s called "Black Market Alley"
A Trip North Four friends journey to the northern end of the Island/

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